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About Us.

Our People Are Our Most Valuable Asset.

Our People.

Our people are the core and foundation to everything we do and undertake. We are a team.  At AIMM, our goal is to maintain low turnover while building a well-trained workforce that shares the company values and that are fully committed to client service and satisfaction.

We make sure new or less experienced employees are assigned to teams where they can be mentored by more experienced personnel. Team members are encouraged to learn on the job and seek advancement.

We recognize our employees’ good service and achievements.

Employees receive regular training in their area of work and are provided opportunities to earn certifications. 

We routinely conduct regular safety trainings and provide certification opportunities.

Our employees’ safety is always our number one priority. 

Our teams are encouraged to participate in process/program improvement by communicating freely with management about lessons learned on the job and by finding creative solutions to issues. 


Our team.

Our team encompasses everyone who makes a contribution to our success irregardless of position or title. We believe in teamwork and the success that it brings.

Meet the Team

Kelley Baranuk, PMP.

Chief Technology Officer

Kelley is a highly accomplished IT professional with a rich tapestry of expertise, an extensive background in business, finance, innovation, information security, and information technology. Throughout her career in the Asset Management Industry and Warehouse and Distribution, she has seamlessly blended financial acumen with technological expertise.

She received her Master of Business Administration with a special emphasis on Information Technology from Middle Tennessee State University. During her time in Middle Tennessee, she successfully completed her Project Management Professional (PMP)certification. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) she has consistently demonstrated a knack for steer-ing complex IT projects, systems design, and played a pivotal role in safeguarding critical IT as-sets and data.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kelley dedicates her spare time to personal fitness and is a certified personal trainer. This commitment to holistic well-being reflects her disciplined ap-proach to both personal and professional pursuits.

In her new role as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), her vision encompasses not only the strategic integration of information technology but also the infusion of innovation to propel organizations forward. Kelley will foster collaboration, inspire creativity, and drive digital transformation initiatives that shape the future of technology at AIMM. She currently resides in Middle Tennessee.

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Teamwork is at the core of what we do. Our team members work together through unified harmony centered around our foundational values, which helps AIMM achieve success, excellence, and sustainability.

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